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Daily Adventures of a Potato

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July 16th, 2007

12:55 am
Yesterday I saw my very first movie in a theater! Daddy took me to see the new Transformers. I must say though I do perfer the 1985 version more.

Today Daddy took me to see the "silly boat races".

We started off playing at the park as we arrived to early for the race. I LOVE THE SWINGS.
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July 2nd, 2007

07:19 pm
This weekend at Daddy's we spent allot of time in the park and playing bicycles!

I really enjoyed riding my bike down the slight decline in the back yard and running into the fence :)

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June 24th, 2007

01:18 am
Photos from last weekend with Daddy and at Grandma and Grandpas house.
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June 20th, 2007

10:06 pm - Potty all the time
Although I came home (to my Mommy's house from Daddy's house) this week completely and toally ill with the "stomach flu", I immediately asked Mommy to take me to the potty. She tried to get me to puke in the toilet but I told her, "I want to sit on the little one."

I took a pee I musta been holding in for hours!

I went to bed and woke up in the night crying. Mommy again thought I might have to puke again but nope, I had to take a monster pee.

I've only peed in my pants once this week and it was a very tiny bit. I tell my Mommy I've got to go and we go to the potty.

I get to wear little boy underpants when we are at home. My favourite have the King from the movie Cars on them. Always my first pick.

Mommy is quite glad that my formal invitation she sent when I was 2 inviting me to use the potty has finally arrived.

Other things to note that I have learned this spring, I drink solely from real cups, I don't use my baby rocking chair anymore (and I woulda killed anyone else who went near that thing), I am not attached to my baby blankie, I hate.hate.hate diapers, and I am a big boy. I also have learnt my A,B,Cs. I can count past twenty. I can use sentences with several words and most people understand me. hmm, I am also pretty good at sharing and using my manners. OH and being the boss of all the toddlers.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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June 12th, 2007

11:35 pm - Bedtime
Mommy puts me to bed and leaves the door open. She brings me toys and a drink if I ask nicely. I listen to her hiccough and laugh hysterically. I sing the Bob the Builder theme song "Booob the Builder, can you fix it? Boooob the builder can you fix it? Booob the builder" to my vampire teddy "Hot Fries to the Rescue!" (thats the bear's name not the song).

"Hot Fries to the Rescue!" and me watched movies tonight. We watched Toy Story and the Lion King and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. We've been so busy lately since the sun stays up so late and the clouds are happy so they don't rain on us! Well, I haven't had much tv time. I miss movies.

Yesterday I went to a dinner for the band I belong to. Thats a "native" or First Nations or Native American or abroriginal band not a music band. Anyhow, my great grandpa made a speech! I was so proud, that was my grampa! I stood on my chair and tried really hard to see him over everyone's big heads. I clapped really hard. I even told my relatives that "I am 3!" We had high-fives all around since I finally answered differently than "I am a big boy!" 'Cept Mommy pointed out that noone had asked me how old I was. I got to eat two buns and had orange juice. Mommy kept annoying me with "try the chicken" "heres some veggies!", doesnt that woman understand that I was saving room for the cake?! The cake was so good. I could've ate the whole thing.

Oh and today I built car towers as tall as me at playgroup! Oh yeah. Everyone has taken to calling me, "the Lil' Architect". I spent the two whole hours building towers at playgroup. And the nice ladies brought me fruit leathers special for me, as they remembered my mommy sent them the last couple times for my allergies. *sniffle*

My allergies make me so sad. I like cheese. I am not allowed to eat it cause it makes me sick and it makes me really mad when I get so many boogers. I just can't pick them all out. Mommy tells me what makes me sick and then I say, "No thank you. I have allergies." When we are out for dinner. It always impresses people and makes mommy smile :)
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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June 10th, 2007

11:20 pm - A day at the fair
My great grandparents came to town and took me for brunch. I was sad because there were no hot dogs. I thought the hand on the ATM screen was silly. Noone understood what I was laughing at. I showed them my Transformer. My great-grandma thinks spiders are gross.

Then we went to the Pirate days fair. I love pirate captains. My best friend was there! We rode on the race cars, the fish merry go, and I took a ride by myself on the dragons while she went on the horses. I didn't want to ride on the horses, blech.

They also had HUGE trains inside. I loved the trains. There were so, so many. I didn't want to leave the trains :(

We also played some games. I won gummi Eyes from the fishing game. And I won a stuffed fish from the duckie game!

We had pink and blue cotton candy, hot fries, and some Slushie. I love cotton candy.

Then I went to my friend's house and we had "eats." We played. We fought. It was fun. We jumped in big puddles then sat down with all our clothes on. I practised singing my ABCs. I am getting really good at it! I love singing a long.

Finally Mommy said it was time to go home. We came home and watched my favourite movie Toy Story! I love the baby playing with the toys.
Current Mood: busybusy

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May 26th, 2007

12:53 pm - Busy, busy world and new friends
I have a new best friend! We hang out a lot and play a lot and go to the library and the rec centre. Its so much fun. I wake up and want to play with her again!

We play bounce, bounce, and space ship in the wagon, and slide of various slide-y things. She also has a sandbox, how cool is that? And I bring my chalk so we can draw snakes. I also found a bunch of "snakes" (worms) at her house. They were so cute! There was mommys and babies. Then I cut the snakes. That was funny.

I've been playing so much that when Mommy finally pulls PJs on me and drags me off to bed, I pass out right away after singing our ABC's a few times through. My favourite part is X, Y, Z!

I am getting bigger and stronger all the time. I love that. I even managed to crack 3 ft and am now 3' 1" tall! And almost 30lbs! I even have a belly now so that Mommy had to take out all my pants. ^.^ I am big boy!

Here is a pic of me doing my Drew Carey impersonation:

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And me riding a motorcycle at the park!

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Current Mood: contentcontent

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May 21st, 2007

08:12 am
This weekend with dad was busy! So busy that I have had hardly any time to watch all of my movies. :(
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May 5th, 2007

09:04 am
So here is part two that i promised two weeks ago.

All of these photos are from my easter with Dad.
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April 25th, 2007

01:59 pm
So finally I have a photo update from Dad!

I think I will have them posted on a couple of blogs due to the high volume of photos.
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